Make Money Working from Home in 2020

10 Ways to Make Money Working from Home in 2020

Working from home! It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to get out of the house, get stuck in traffic or see your boss every single day. You get to make money while sitting on top of your bed, with a laptop or putting any skill you have to work.

Every one of us has a little talent that can be explored, all you need to do is focus and persevere. You can make a career working from home if you want to, or you can earn a few extra bucks.

The internet has something for everyone. You just need to do a little digging and that’s where we come in with a bit of help.

Almost 6 million Americans are working from home as their primary job and a little bit over 13 million Americans spend at least one day a week working from home. One in four U.S. workers works from home, occasionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

Before you start your search for a job, beware of scams! There are so many websites that advertise working from home, but a little bit of inquires reveal only smoke and mirrors. The golden rule when it comes to finding a job working from home is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Nobody’s going to pay you $500 a day, the same way you’re probably not going to make $5k in your first month working from home. Be realistic and only then will you have a good chance of finding something that will work for you.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways to make money working from home!

10 Ways to Make Money Working from Home

10. Video Chat

OK, we admit it, out of all the jobs working from home, this one is the most controversial. There are two types of video chat jobs: the one that requires you to take your clothes off and the one you can keep all your clothes on for.

You can probably guess which will make you more money. If you have no problem with taking it all off, then give it a try. We’re not here to judge.

A quick search online will reveal enough legitimate video chat websites and escort websites that are looking for men, women and couples willing to show a little skin.

If you’re not too comfortable with that, then maybe you can try to be an online psychic, a great job working from home.

9. Tutoring/Teaching

One of the easiest ways to make money working from home is to tutor/teach children or be an online professor. All you need to draw people in is a college degree. You can group people together or work individually, It’s your time, your space and your rules.

It’s a great job for college students or retired professors and it has the best perk any working from home job does flexible hours!

8. Cooking and Baking

Ways To Make Money Working From Home Cooking
Ways To Make Money Working From Home – Cooking

If you have mad skills in the kitchen, why not share your wonderful and delicious creations with others and get paid for that?

Start your own cooking business! Of course, we recommend you start small and then build up your business. You can cater for a small party and if your food is appreciated, then you can bet that you’ll get at least one catering offer from it.

Before you start cooking, you should find out if you are allowed to cook out of your private kitchen. Many states/countries, don’t allow it so you will need to either rent a kitchen or start building one that fits all the requirements.

7. Virtual Nursing

You’re a registered nurse, who has lost their job? Or are the hospital hours getting the best of you?

Then you can work from home, as a virtual nurse. Insurance and health care companies need nurses to answer questions that patients may have… all this, over the phone. If you are interested in this type of job, try Fonemed.

If you don’t wish to interact with patients, then you don’t have to, you can work as a legal nurse consultant, following some training. You can review cases involving injuries for attorneys and corporate clients.

6. Administrative Assistance

obs in the administrative assistant field are easy to find, mostly because they don’t pay too well. You will need to work on it before they start throwing money at you.

A job working from home in this field can include transcription (of dictation, meetings and telephone calls), customer service (many stores need a representative to answer the customer’s calls) or answering services in a doctor’s office or at a calling centre.

5. Sales

If push comes to shove you can always sell something you own of value and get money fast. Your old comic book collection isn’t something that still excites you? Put it on Ebay and wait.

If you don’t think you have something you can sell, then maybe you’re good at making things and selling them on Etsy. Everything handmade is a huge hit on the internet, so try making creams and lotions, soaps or earrings and bracelets.

Another job working from home and making a couple of bucks is to become an Avon representative – not too much money in there, but it’s great for making connections.


If you’re new at carpentry, then you can go online and learn some beginning carpentry skills and see if it sticks.

If you already know how to build things with your hands, if you know how to carve and work wood, then maybe you should think about starting a small carpentry business.

Begin with something small, such as jewellery boxes, or bookcases. If you’re good at it, then you’re going to make some money, because there will always be a demand for good carpenters.

3. Personal Services

All you need for a job in the personal services area is time and dedication. The tasks can be easy, such as picking up dry cleaning or making dinner reservations, while others may be a little bit more demanding, such as shopping for clothes.

You can even become a professional personal shopper if you have a great fashion sense and some strong connections.

The rich are very busy these days, they can’t even do their own shopping. There’s money to be made in this area!

2. Software Development

Make money working from home, become a software developer. There are so many people with computer-programming skills who don’t have a job because the market seems to be over-saturated with them, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to create software, give it try.

Did you know that software designers can earn an average salary of about $100,000? Who knows, maybe you’ll get to create the next big smartphone OS that will save us from the rule of Android and iOS?

1. Freelancing

If you’re good at writing, graphic design or at marketing you can make money working from home as a freelancer. The offers are consistent and while it does take some time to make a name for yourself in the business, once you do it, the cash will come.

Upwork is a great place to start. Here is a list of 10 freelance websites where you can easily find paid jobs. You can write, edit or proofread, be ghostwriter, translate or manage websites. Before you start applying for freelance jobs, it is very important to have a portfolio, a few samples of your work. Check this Ultimate Guide on earning money as a freelancer.

The competition is something that might discourage you in the freelancing are. Don’t let it do that, trust your skills and don’t be afraid to try.

Conclusion on Make Money Working from Home

If you really want to earn a substantial income, you need to make sure you treat the idea you choose as your own business: you will need to create a routine and establish your own schedule. Make sure you set aside time in your day and organize your calendar.

I hope some of these money-making ideas will inspire you to create your own future!

Did you enjoy our ideas to make money working from home? Are you going to try any of these? Have you ever had a job working from home? How did it go? Tell us in the comments.

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