Dating apps come back stronger

Dating apps come back stronger

The situation of the global pandemic has changed the way of life of many. The COVID-19 virus has affected each country differently, but the measures to avoid it are clear: the use of masks and social distancing. Everyone must take care of themselves and, above all, take care of others.

This has included, in some cases, the confinement of the population to avoid contagion and the collapse of the health system. Thus, there are days, for example, where the only social contact is the applause on the balconies as a form of gratitude to these “heroes” of the battle against the virus.

Affecting in this way, all levels and economic sectors, even the adult businesses, for obvious reasons.

Therefore drastically reducing the number of appointments, the possibility of meeting some special friend with whom to enjoy a crazy night, or appointing an erotic encounter with some beautiful escort in Mumbai.

It seems that before, it was straightforward. To meet someone, have a date, and sometimes, even have a happy ending at home. Some websites and applications were crucial in this whole process, the previous step before the physical. But now, everything is seen from another perspective.

Daily routines, tasks, and worries, in general, have changed. In some way, a hug, a kiss, and any closeness to our loved ones went from being “normal” to something desirable, impossible, and sometimes inaccessible. People being both so close but distant, at the same time, is almost ironic. It has become the greatest act of faith.

Apparently, after a long time, things are changing. After months of effort and practice relating to a screen, it appears that little by little, a light from the end of the tunnel arrives.

Freedom is returning, and that desired new “normality” is closer.

All those conversations started in dating apps like Tinder, making jokes about the scarcity of toilet paper or beer those days, can now get to real dates during the quarantine. Moving from the screen to reality instead of the other way around.

Without losing sight of the health recommendations, to continue moving forward, the possibility of satisfying the desire and that spark of connection is already real.

After all this time, thinking about all the plans for when it’s all over, now, finally, it seems closer than ever.

After months of great search for sex games, the increase in the number of new profiles in dating apps, and the viewing of adult content and webcams of private escorts in Melbourne, maybe, this will all cross the screen.

Meetings of couples, friends, family… Gradually the pajamas and tracksuits stay in the closets and beds to make way for the rest of the clothes to the usual clothes.

Now is the time to get dressed! Even as excited as if it were again the first time to do so. Everything is getting ready for the big time.

There is also the possibility to take advantage of online entertainment content, which, after all, are more accessible to everyone; such as live concerts, free visits to online museums, and free accounts in websites such as Skokka, where you can meet hundreds of Brit escorts in London, among hundreds of possibilities.

A time that has served people to know themselves better, what they are looking for. Leave the physical appearance in the background to look further, pay attention to the small details, and have a complete experience in every way. As if the virus had allowed creating new forms of pleasure.

These tools give the possibility of forgetting the stress and anxiety generated by this time and situation and help alleviate the concerns of forced cohabitation. They recommend relaxing with deep breaths and focusing on other things.

Everything is adapted to offer a better service to single people. For example, making a match despite not being geographically close, making online meetings by video call, among others.

Whatever the reason, it is a fact that the time and number of visits to such applications and websites have increased. People are looking for a human connection beyond everything that’s going on.

It’s an opportunity, in the end, to be honest, and find someone who’s looking for the same thing, to enjoy the company. Make a video call, play something… everything could be a good option.

Hundreds of conversations and encounters have been made in recent weeks full of promises of future dates.

Encounters that will come soon, and people can enjoy a friendship, something more physical and intimate, or anything that comes up. That is why everyone is looking forward to the new normality, with enthusiasm and desire to discover how far all these new connections can go.

But especially full of hope and motivation, to value much more any physical contact that is now inaccessible. To relax and enjoy the physical company of the other person, stop imagining what it really would be, and realize all the fantasies that now permeate everyone’s minds.

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