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Jack Hardy

Jack is a seasoned writer with a strong interest in genres like the US and foreign news, technology, and finance. Because he has an uncanny ability to reach a broad audience with his stories, Jack secured a position as a lead writer and editor in chief for a large publication.

Jack’s outstanding knowledge of news media coupled with a highly creative mind is what sets him apart from other writers. He approaches every project using this combination of skill, thereby creating strong content with high integrity.

For over 30 years, Jack has enjoyed a successful writing career but in his downtime, he has other passions shared with his wife and children. Living in a suburb of Los Angeles, the entire family often goes on long horseback rides through the hills, holds big barbecues, and relaxes in the backyard swimming pool.

Robert Romero

Born in Mexico, Robert and his family came to the United States in 1980. Having experienced poverty and war on the frontline, he decided to use his experiences to educate others but also provide the public with newsworthy stories.

Today, Robert works as a lead journalist for a high-profile news website where he has a reputation for publishing complex stories that reach around the globe. In addition to his writing, Robert is a guest speaker on a local radio show where he talks primarily about the US and world news.

Robert has the opportunity to travel around the world when not working. While he travels primarily for pleasure, he uses this time to gather critical information that can be shared back home where he lives in a quiet area just outside New York City with his faithful cat, Aristotle.

Dustin Davis

For the past 20 years, Dustin has dedicated his time and energy to writing about technology. Considered a “geek” in high school, he went on to earn a technical educational degree from Virginia Tech and currently works full-time tinkering with computers for a small, up-and-coming company. However, Dustin never shies away from his other passion of writing, which is of course geared toward technical innovations.

According to Dustin, new technology is always on the cusp and he wants to be the first to write it. He takes extreme pride in his work, creating news stories pertaining to things people are really interested in, specifically breakthrough technology.

Dustin has married just two years ago and the couple is expecting their first baby this spring. Even though he will soon have his hands busy helping his wife, he wants to further his education to benefit both his work on the job and his writing.