Autumn A Good Time To Renovate Your House

Is Autumn a good time to renovate your house?

You might have forgotten as it’s still surprisingly nice outside (plus who’s keeping track of 2020, anyway?), but we are over a month into autumn.

What is autumn usually a good time for? Early Christmas planning? Excessive leaf sweeping? A big home makeover?

The first two – yes, but a renovation job might not be something you’d typically associate with this time of year.

But why not?

If you have big plans to redo the kitchen, a bedroom or even the whole house, there are a number of reasons why autumn is in fact a really good point on the calendar to get them done.

It’s good timing for you, one way or the other

Forget the anomaly that is 2020 for a second and think about your average year and what you tend to do.

Summer has just ended, meaning the fun and holiday (sigh) frolics are probably over, and your schedule is looking a little less busy before things pick up again for Christmas. That makes now the perfect time to put your renovation plans into place while they will interrupt your life as little as possible.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a major, lengthier project ahead, you may be concerned about the disruption it could cause over the festive period i.e. opening presents on Christmas day in a stripped living room.

Big projects need a significant amount of planning, so if you’re only just starting your renovation journey, the autumn can be used for laying out your plans properly before physically engaging with them when you see fit.

Take advantage of a slower period

Generally speaking, there is an assumption that it’s best to wait for better weather and brighter days to start contracting work, which is why you’ll often see a spike in demand around spring time for private labour.

With home renovations taking place almost entirely indoors, the time of year and weather actually isn’t much of a factor at all (not to mention autumn conditions can actually be fairly well suited for construction labouring). Still, this time of year can be a bit of a down period for contractors, which is something you can take advantage of.

Finding the right builder for the job is one of the most important parts of your home renovation. With availability much higher right now, you stand a better chance of getting your work booked and completed quickly.

Furthermore, with any renovation project set to cost you a significant amount of money and require substantial financial preparation, you might even be able to find a better deal from a contractor looking for more work at this time of year.

Winter is coming…and spring…and summer

With the days getting progressively shorter and colder from this point onwards, what could be better than heading into winter with a newly fitted out, cosy home?

Completing the renovation in time for the coldest point of the year makes sense not only from a comforting sense but also a practical one (think lower likelihood of heating problems, lower bills etc).

The same goes for if you’re looking further ahead on the calendar to spring and summertime. You can shape your house renovation to a deadline that makes sense for you, whether that’s being warm for winter, set up for Easter, or fresh for the summer holidays – perhaps even all three.

With autumn this year likely to provide more downtime than ever, the idea of taking on a major project makes even more sense. If you’re looking at making adjustments at home, now is a great time to get them booked in.

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